Liza and Elissa Want A Workout…

Sets of 10, single legs are EACH LEG

shoulder crunch
Hands down in and out
crunchy frog
hands down bicycles F and B
full situp

front lunge
pop squat
back lunge
super skater

hands up in and out
crunchy frog
hands up bicycles F and B
Full situp double twist feet off

Pop squat
Sissy squats
super skater
1 leg toes touch knee lift
Full squat to floor

vsnap + pushup
crunch + full situp + vsnap
Side crunch + power crunch + side crunch

Jumping jacks
frog jumps
tuck jumps

With heavy bar
Back squats
full situp bar on chest
Full situp bar by feet

front lunge
back squat

front lunge + back squat 1-10
vsnap+pushup 1-10

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