R12D2 – Cravings or Memories

I did what I thought was theCarrot cake only logical thing on Tuesday to start round 12, I did the Full Monty.

The Full Monty

10 reps x 5 rounds = 250 reps

Hang Cleans
Shoulder Press
Power Clean

I was using 95lbs since this was not a feats of strength workout but rather a foray into HIIT for what seems like the first time in a long time. I felt pretty beaten up after, and in fact I didn’t get to 5 rounds I think I crashed somewhere during round 4. It is the best workout to get you going again, especially if you continue to fill in the strength gaps the next 2 days. In order to do that yesterday I did bench and dips and today I will be doing some variation of pullups and biceps. Those 3 days will get your whole body into shape in a hurry and with the addition of some running which will probably be today it’s going to be a great kick start to my summer workout. I am planning to get back into doing nightly workouts with my kids once or twice a week, they did tabata workouts last night which was well organized and productive for all. We will work up towards 30 minute bootcamp classes by the time summer workouts are back however it means I have to be in shape to lead them. That is around 15lbs from where I am now so I have a little work to do.

I overhear someone saying how they like to use maple syrup in their diet instead of sugar since it’s so much better. I used to think that too, especially about honey. Turns out I was kidding myself. There is no such thing as “good” or even “better” sugars.

I have been craving carrot cake and I can’t take it any longer. I’m not sure if I just want cake or if I just have the occasional fond memory of it, but either way I have been looking for recipes on Pinterest and I think I have a winner, I just have to figure out how to make the frosting taste good. Here are a couple of front runners.

Carrot cake bars

Carrot Cake

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