R11D51 – Body Beast – Possibly A Bad idea

Taniainsanity<— This is the only time I would be able to out perform Tania from Insanity… She’s back in T25 and kicking my ass all over again.

On Monday I did my version of Body Beast Chest and did 135 reps of 135lbs and then 135 reps of vsnaps for core. I was supposed to do some triceps too but I didn’t get round to it. Tuesday at work I was thinking about my transition to Body Beast for the last half of my round 11 and decided that I would just jump in at day 2 (since day 1 was chest) and do Build:Legs. It’s not even 24 hours later and I already know it was a very bad idea. I don’t tend to do a lot of leg work mostly because my legs are easily big enough and I am just lucky that way even with the mass I lost after surgery. That said, when I do get around to legs it’s often with painful results. The workout itself was not too challenging, all stuff I can do but when it comes down to it, it’s really just 40 minutes of weighted lunges. I was neither prepared nor equipped for that workout. I had the weights, but I was not ready to have to call it quits at any point, so I didn’t. The front and back lunges are tough on the hamstrings and the step ups onto the bench are killer. The fact that they keep adding weight and cutting reps just makes it more torturous. Let me just say that I knew ahead of time what the Body Beast workouts were like, I have done several already throughout the last few months but never the legs. So I am a bit worried about exactly how sore I am going to be tomorrow but also because tonight I am supposed to be doing a 30 minute bootcamp at the end of class to get the girls back into shape. They have been slacking, as have Liza and I so today it all comes back to bite them. And us.

The good news is that it was a 40 minute workout and the past few days I have been extending my workout where possible to get closer back to the 45-60 minute window. the bad news is that if I keep up with Body Beast exclusively I may see my weight balloon even quicker. So I think I am going to call on my old friends Shaun T and pre-baby Tania from the Insanity days (although they are almost as intolerable as Tony) to get me back into cardio shape. I will know more after this week, but if it’s bootcamp tonight that means Insanity tomorrow.

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