R11D53-7 – Body Beast Continues

42 Body Beast build Shoulders
43 Speed 1.0
44 Body Beast Back Biceps
off – work 12 hours
45 Body Beast Build Legs

As you can see above I have been sticking with the Body Beast workouts and added the Speed 1.0 again for a little break. The fact that this time I improvised and worked through the stretching for Speed 1.0 makes me happy. I wasn’t quite up for Speed 3 again and thought Speed 1.0 might be more like filling my requirements. It was easy, not as easy as last time since I upgraded my effort level but still not too challenging. The reason being that most of my body is aching and painful from various parts of Body Beast. Most notably my biceps which I rarely work on specifically, and since I haven’t been doing pullups much, haven’t had much work are killing me.

It’s pancake day today, so go make yourself some paleo pancakes and relax. My diet has been challenging of late, not because of content but portion size. I am trying to cut back on calories a little and it’s just never easy no matter what you do. That said, it’s a hell of a lot easier since I stopped thinking about food 24 hours a day!

My weight is high, I topped off at 260 one day last week but I think the re-composition is happening, albeit slowly. Generally the workouts are extending past 40 minutes which is making me happy too since the 20 minute thing, although good in theory, is not really effective for me at my level I don’t think. With the Body Beast workouts I am feeling large again, not in a bloated fatty fat fat way but more in a solid my neck feels like a tree stump kind of way. That’s not a bad thing since I know that the more active musculature I have, the more calories I burn just being big and As F Scott Fitzgerald once wrote “A big man has no time really to do anything but just sit and be big. ”.

By the way he also said “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” so on that point I will cease and depart.


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