Lucky 7. Make That Super 7.

Lucky-7Body Beast is creeping into my life. I did the Lucky 7 workout a couple of days ago and yesterday I took off but I really wanted to do a BB shoulder workout.

Lucky 7 was actually pretty good. I did it without really knowing what I was in for except I needed a quick whole body thing.

Here is the workout, I apologize I stole this from somewhere but I have posted it whole so that the original owner can claim right and credit. I am going to make a similar workout for the gymnasts tonight since my assistant who has a concussion probably won’t be participating, it will be Super 7 since that’s our local lottery name around these parts.

Push Up + Clean + Squat:

For this sequence, you’ll use the EZ bar with plates.  You may need to adjust your weight after you see how much weight you can handle.  to begin, set the EZ bar on the floor.  You’ll do a push up above the bar: first with one arm in front (other arm behind), then the other.  Right away, you’ll grab your EZ bar, stand up, and do a “clean lift” up to your shoulders; then holding it in that position, you’ll perform a squat.

You’ll do this sequence in a pyramid set: 7 rounds.  So what that means is the first time, you’ll do one rep of each move: the second time, you’ll do two reps each move; third time, three reps… etc.  You’ll keep going without a break until you get to seven reps each move.  That’s a lot of reps!!!

Deadlift + Bent-Over Row:

Staying with your EZ bar, you’ll keep your legs straight, and perform a deadlift by lowering the weight down towards the floor while keeping your arms and back straight.  Right away, you’ll bend at your waist (keeping your back straight), and perform bent-over rows by pulling your elbows towards the ceiling.  Same pyramid as before: one rep each the first time, two the second, three the third… all the way to seven!

Skull Crusher + Press + Crunch:

Laying on the floor, you’ll press your EZ bar above your head.  Keeping your elbows straight up into the air, you’ll slowly lower the bar towards your forehead, then raise it back up.  Next, you’ll do a press with the bar.  Finally, you’ll hold the weight in the air, and perfom a crunch.  And you know the drill: seven rounds, building up to seven reps!

Curl + Military Press + EZ Squat:

Using the EZ bar, you’ll stand and perform a curl to work your biceps.  Without lowering the weight, you’ll immediately do a press with the weight above your head.  THEN, keeping the weight at your shoulders, you’ll do a squat.  Build up to seven!!!

Delt Raise + Reverse Lunge:

As Sagi prepares for this move, he makes a big deal about lowering the amount of weight you’re using on your EZ bar.  I would listen to him if I were you :)  This move is NO JOKE.  Get ready!

Keeping your arms straight, you’ll raise the bar up straight in front of you, keeping your palms facing up.  Next, you’ll perform a reverse lunge, alternating legs.  As you increase the reps for the pyramid, you’ll do all of the reps with one leg, before switching to the other.  THIS IS TOUGH.  Make sure you pick a weight that you can finish with!

Lat Oblique Twist:

You’ll keep using your EZ bar for this move; however, you’ll remove one weight, so that you only have a weight on one side.  You’ll then stand the bar up on an end, keeping the side with the weight up in the air.  You’ll stand with the bar vertical in front of you, the end with no weight on the floor.  You’ll then lunge and hold to one side, hold it for a few seconds, then to the other side.  As you increase up the pyramid, you’ll just hold it longer; you’ll only do 7 total reps on each side.

Upright Row + Calf Raise:

Put both weights back on your EZ Bar, and hold the bar in front of you.  You’ll perform an upright row by gripping the bar in the middle, then bringing it up to your chin, keeping your elbows high.  Holding the bar by your chin, you’ll then perform calf raises.  Build that pyramid!!

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