Leaning Towards Body Beast and Longevity Revealed

costcoxmasI did another Body Beast workout last night, the Chest Build workout. It was pretty short, not that brutal and I managed to work in my bench to make sure I had heavy enough weight for the presses. I am not a huge fan of the guy who runs the workouts but as of now I don’t throw up in my mouth every time I see him any more, so there’s that.

After Millennium Bronze on Thursday I took Friday off so that my weekend workouts would be effective and also because at the end of training on Friday I was just too tired to attempt the Millenium Silver I had outlined for the kids. For the record, they got to round 5 in 25 minutes. It’s tough.

Saturday I spent a lot of the day cleaning up the house and the garage again getting ready for Christmas. Nothing exercise worthy so I did an Olympic lift session that involved DL, clean and high pulls going from 75lbs up to 115lbs in preparation to move up to 135 for my DL and clean again. I would like to workout with 155 or 165lbs for both DL and clean regularly, and then up the DL to 225 for heavy days. Sunday I went to Costco and bought a Christmas tree that has lights that can do all sorts of funky stuff so we took time to decorate that and then I did the Body beast Chest workout. Tonight is gymnastics, and I think I will run a bootcamp for 30 minutes to get a bit of cardio into them (and me).

Here as some food for thought is an interesting article on the whole “people live longer nowadays” thing. Seems like we all remember Grandparents who were tough old warriors, fact is, they were all like that, mostly due to their food and activity.


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