BSRD25 – Updates

Day 20 – 3,2k on treadmill and light bench
Day 21 – 2k on treadmill and light WOD at gym
Day 22 – Walk / speed walk 2.3km
Day 23 – Treadmill 2k
Day 24 – Walk 3.2k treadmill
Day 25 – off (Saturday)
Day 26 – Today

Light bench usually means starting at 135 and going up to 165 then 185. I have tried going up to 205 but lifting the 25lb plates is still not a great idea. It’s tough because I crave teh feeling of the workout and I want to push it but I just can’t. The WOD at the gym means a few pushups, reg and military, some dips on the dip station and most recently a few air squats which is basically the same as sitting on the toilet and standing up again. Certainly I am not able or willing to go any further down as of yet.

I woke up today, Sunday, and found that my back was mysteriously sore. I didn’t really do much yesterday, we went to Wonderland but only walked for about 30 mins with lots of resting and sitting. I also didn’t do my regular walk since Saturday and Sunday are my walking rest days so I am not sure what the deal is. The thing that is scary is that the pain isn’t incision pain, it’s tight muscular pain that in the past has led to the disc compression. So I am understandably cautious this morning. Also, yesterday I cut my finger quite badly trimming a tenderloin and that is hurting like hell. I probably could have used a stitch or two but I don’t have time for that.

Last week I also went to work to see the Occupational Health department to discuss my recovery. I am going to revisit them after my follow up appointment on June 2.

It’s a long weekend this weekend and it’s also time for me to get more orgainized with the walking and workouts. Here is the plan for the coming week.

Monday – 3k walking plus biceps and air squats
Tuesday – 3k walking plus Shoulders
Wednesday – 3k walking plus chest and triceps and air squats
Thursday – 3k walking plus abs
Friday – 3k walking plus biceps and air squats
Saturday – Shoulders
Sunday – Chest and Triceps

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