Move Along, Nothing To See Here

illbebackWell so much for keeping up with the blog. I have been a little under the weather, I was off work for a few days with a very sick little toddler which of course meant I got the bug and suffered for a few days myself. I haven’t been doing bootcamp since I have been trying to use the hour for extra gymnastics training for the girls.

I need to get back in the groove.

Some of the things I have done since we last spoke:

Bought new 45lb bumper plates for the Olympic bar. I now have the capacity to go to 325lbs
Completed Tapout XT Cardio and Muay Thai and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. In fact, I am in the process of getting a heavy bag to further my enjoyment of hitting things.
Completed a couple of P90X2 workouts neither of which was Yoga.
I have been volunteered to manage the Men’s weight loss competition (Biggest Loser) for my wife’s Mom group. I think I may join in and try to move my last few percentage points by peer pressure.

Ugh, it’s so time to start documenting again, I hate not knowing exactly what I have done and how hard I have been working.

I’ll be back…

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