2 For 1 Bootcamp – Bodyweight and Weights

swiper004It’s been tough keeping up, but here are the 2 workouts we did most recently.

I have had some indication that I probably shouldn’t post these workouts since they might very well be stolen and used by someone as a bootcamp somewhere else. I guess my feeling is that if you can’t come up with this stuff on your own, you are probably not going to be able to lead a class or figure out how to correct any performance issues. So for now I will continue, but first, “Swiper no swiping!”

Here’s what we have done the first 2 classes back from the break:

D7.1.2 Bodyweight Finally Jan 16th 2013


Air Squat
Air Squat Knee Lift
Mary Katherine Switch

Super Skater Cardio
Super Skater Proper
Super Skater with floor touch


Push up side balance each side
Military Pushup


Pushup Burpee
Pushup Tuck Jump Burpee

40 crunches
30 side crunch
20 vsnaps
10 roll to boat
20 vsnaps
30 side crunch
40 crunches

10 hands walkout to pushup and back
10 feet walkout to in and out and back
10 super skater with knee raise to opposite knee
10 pushup side raise with foot touch
20 in and out with military pushup

7.2.1 Weights

Phase 1 no rest

10 standing curls
10 standing press
10 tricep extension
10 squat calf raise
10 SB chest pullover
10 SB fly

10 SB sitting curls
10 SB Sitting press
10 military pushup
10 squat knee raise
20 SB chest press

10 standing curls
10 standing Arnold press
10 overhead tricep extension
10 squat
10 pullover
10 fly

Phase 2 no rest

10 curl and press
10 row row tricep ext
10 front and side raise
10 SB pullover and fly
10 wallball

10 sitting curl and press
10 row tricep ext
15 front raise (low, high, full)
20 floor chest press
10 wall ball

Phase 3

10 MB V snap
10 wallball burpee
20 russian twists
20 curls against knee
10 mb military pushup

Bonus Round

10 high pull
10 halo
10 ribbon
10 static hammer curl
10 pushup ball touch
10 pushup switch on mb


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