Toning It Down

I have been re-reading my blog and I have to say I used to be pretty funny! I am looking for the parts where my hatred for Tony and his cast of savages cause me to spit venom through the screen at him. I don’t want, for a second, to censor myself but at the same time knowing my penchant for the dramatic and my flair for the amusing some of my comments may come off as a little needlessly excessive. That said, going back to my first round of P90X has brought a swell of pride, some tears of amusement and an even greater desire to inflict help others begin their health and fitness journey. It’s amazing how much you forget, even though I probably thought those days would be etched on my psyche forever. The great thing is that they are here for me to revisit, which was exactly the point. There is actually nothing more motivating than reading about your success and failures in your own words…

Here’s a gem I can’t resist sharing for today:

I came to an interesting realization while attempting some of the flexibility / grab moves and that is that I have managed over the years to build my upper body to the point where I can no longer touch parts of my body I should be able to. I’d actually like to touch those parts again some day and it’s kind of creepy that a guy called Tony is going to help me.

I know that there are products I have tried that I simply did not like, Insanity: Asylum for example but I think in my assessment I was neglectful to admit that although it wasn’t my cup of tea, for someone out there, the technical and specific type of training it provides will be perfect. In fact, there may come a time when I will be ready to accept that teaching and I think I need to find those kind of posts and make that clear. It’s not like complaining about Yoga or the love/hate relationship I have had with P90X Plyo, I know it’s more sincere and vicious than that and upon reflection that doesn’t do anyone any favours. It’s not for me, I know how I feel and I can accept my black/white view of the world but if I truly want this site and any others I make to help people, I need to remember to temper my excess with a little objectivity.

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