Betrayed By My Own Body – Or Reminded Of Humble Beginnings?

This morning my back went out again.

It’s been since April of 2010 that my back has been OK. Not to say that I haven’t had the occasional bout of soreness but it hasn’t debilitated me like this for nearly 2 1/2 years. I guess that’s a pretty good run but I was hoping that now I am down to around 230 that this would be a thing of the past. The irony of ironies is that today is the first day for Canadians to register as Beach Body Coaches and since I always tell people that BeachBody changed my life I have been waiting for this day for a long time. It’s just funny that one of the major reasons I have for initially doing P90X which was to help with my back should be the reason I was able to register online as soon as 4pm hit. I am sure I will be fine, I think even now after only 12 hours or so and a few sessions on the inversion table that I feel like the morning will bring good news. I will probably have to take tomorrow off and be careful during bootcamp on Wednesday but hopefully this week won’t be a bust for workouts and I can get back on track.

In addition, I am hoping to get another site up and running for a more general interest than just my workouts. I would like to put something together that reflects my breadth of interest so I can give back as much as I have learned over the last few years. Here’s to the turning of the page and another new challenge.

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