Ten On – Stats

Following on from the success of 11 days working out in a row my body decided to revolt by being, well, revolting and I have spent three days with my head or other body parts in and around the toilet. I tell you, I am having a hard time getting back up to speed but Monday saw one of my girls and I basically freestyle our way through a 45 minute abs and weights workout. I can’t even remember what we did but there was plenty of crunch work and standing, sitting and stability ball weights work. It’s now Halloween and I am still working on getting my stats back to where they were before my 2 week hiatus for my injured back. Speaking of stats, here is what my scale has said about me lately. My goal is to get back under 19% body fat ASAP which is proving tricky. I have been able to get back from the brink of being 240lbs which was scary to say the least. As far as the other measurements go, I am not too concerned other than I used to rate as below 30 years of age and I am now significantly over that threshold.


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