Ten On – Day 11!

I couldn’t resist the free guest day at my wife’s gym so I thought “what better time to try my 1RM and test my bench”!

The workout wasn’t exactly a tough one but the results were interesting.

If you remember, I was interested to get on the page with the following (I have added Clean and Press):

Strict Shoulder Press 125-190
Squat 250-420
Bench 190-310
Deadlift 320-490
Power Clean 180-300
Clean and Press 150-250

and my goal was for the big 4 to get a total of 800lbs to start, and 1000lbs as a functional working goal. Last night I was unable to really test my squat because some idiot wouldn’t clear his deadlift bar away from the ONE rack they have at the gym (now I remember why I quit). Anyway, leaving my squat short and not wanting to do too much deadlifting I was left with the following numbers:

Squat – 185
Bench – 305
Deadlift – 185
Press – 185

For a total of 860lbs which considering I wasn’t able to do much except for bench is a good result. Add to that my first time, all time record of Clean and Press 185lbs and I was pretty happy. Sore, but happy. I am guessing that 1000lb mark is within easy reach.

I often get asked what else I do for my chest except pushups due to the fact most people think pushups won’t make you strong or even maintain your strength. Hmm…. All I ever do is pushups and I benched 305 last night with no problem. That’s why pushups rock and gym memberships suck.

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