10.2 – Rest. My Individual Challenge

Day 1 was a bootcamp that I modified on the fly to include mostly abs so I don’t have a good record of what we did. I can say it was lots of crunches, hip raises, some dog raises, flutters, standing elbow touches and boat to shoulder stand. My abs are sore today so I know it worked!

In order to see some changes, I am going to have to make some changes. This morning I hopped on the scale to see how far the last round at 51% put me back. I was relieved to see that I was up only 4 lbs weighing in at 236lbs. If I am going to get down to 220lbs I need to do the following:

Pick up with Fitday again. This will keep my diet strictly on track and maintain my focus.
Document every day, not just activity days with my weight, and occasionally my bodyfat % although the scale I use to measure fat isn’t the best.

In fact I have been toying with the idea of getting another scale that does hydration level in order to get a better idea about my fat levels. I am thinking about the Tanita 549, anyone with any experience with them is welcome to comment or fire me an email.

Watch my portion sizes a little more closely, although FitDay should keep that in check.
Sleep more. I tend to get around 5-6 hours a night, I would like to push that to 8. That means going to bed at 10pm which I am not used to by any stretch.
Drink more. I think my hydration is a little low at times, I need to pay a little more attention to that.

After all that, I have figured out what we did on Monday, and here is the run down:

D21 3.12.1 Abs Blast

1x section
20 Pulse crunch
20 In and Out
20 swing kicks
20 Crunchy Frog
20 Side Crunch each side

1x section
20 standing Knee raise
20 standing leg raise
20 swing kicks
10 vsnaps
10 roll to boat

1x section
Plank hold 30s
Plank knee to elbow
Plank knee to elbow with kick back
40 dog raise
40 dog raise back

x1 section – Feet on blocks
Hip raised hold 30s
20 Hip raise
10 hip raise crossed leg each
10 Hip raise stacked feet each
10 hip raise leg up each
20 flutter 5 position

x1 section
10 X Jacks
10 diamond jumps
10 wide knee tuck jumps
10 vsnaps
10 rollback hold to shoulder stand

x1 section
5x low jacks and pulse 4+8
10 burpee with half turn
20 knees up same elbow
20 knees up opposite elbow
40 happy dance

x2 section (actually only did 1x)
10 in and out
10 crunchy frog
10 ARX bicycle (forwards and backwards)
10 full sit up
10 side crunch
20 side to side flutter (on your back) 3 position
10 russian twists
10 rollback hold to shoulder stand


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