R9D89 – Bootcamp Weights

It was hot, but not as bad as it has been. Couple that with weights day and we are back in the enjoyment zone of bootcamp! Although some were a little sore after Monday I think it was a well received class. The atmosphere in the gym is lightening every day, the girls have their last competition on Saturday and that means the end of monotonous routines and time for new skills. Not only that, but the bootcamp is making a difference to people and I think it is being appreciated more as an activity and less as a torture device. Summer is going to be great!

Here is what we did:

D20 3.11.2 Weights

2x section
20 squats
20 lunge walk
20 weighted MKs
10 weighted long jump
2x45lb Farmers Walk

No weight

2x section
10 super skater per
10 1 leg squat knee raise
20 MK
20 air squat

With DBs

15 Double curl
15 weighted box dips
10 alt curl each
15 weighted box dips
15 double hammer curl
15 weighted box dips

15 strict press
10 pushup db row
15 high pull
10 pushup db row
15 strict press

repeat 1.
repeat 2.

15 DB thruster
15 double db curl and press
10 KB swing
20 High Pull

15 DB thruster
15 hammer curl inward press
10 KB snatch
20 halo with single db

Bonus Killer Combo

Plank on db
pushups with both db rows
Feet in, stand up
double curl or clean to strict press
return to plank

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