R9D87 – Limping Across The Line

Last wednesday was cardio abs and since then I have been buy with parents visiting and building a ton of Ikea furniture. During that time, the clock has expired on my current round freeing me from the PAP of the final weeks of P90X2. Friday I worked out at work, choosing to do a variation of my RKC workout that went like this:


Laying press


Clean and Press plus 20 swings


Snatch plus 20 swings


Turkish Half Get Ups – Just don’t do the standing part…

After that since I had a very uncomfortable twinge in my lower back I decided to take off a couple of days and try to recover a little. We also were hosting a large birthday party on Sunday for my little girl which took up most of our time in preparation.  It’s now Monday and I am about to go to gym for bootcamp and I am going to try and organize my workouts for the coming weeks tomorrow while I am off work. Because I am so far off track with the daily routine of P90X2 this last few weeks have really dragged. I also realize that my workrate is a little lower than it should be but I am hoping that building a custom workout schedule for round 10 (whatever it is going to be called) my help in upping my days of activity from an average of 4 to an average of above 5.

3 thoughts on “R9D87 – Limping Across The Line”

  1. i’m trying the bob Harper / Inside Out Method – it is pretty good
    (I still do the occasional P90X2 – but have moved on too, and looking for something else to do – I don’t live somewhere with any kind of class option – so I am looking for new DVD’s to do)
    I like Bob Harper’s stuff – the cardio was good – lots of squats – and rarely a break – you just keep going for 60 minutes. Lots of sweat –
    The Yoga Abs were hard too
    His Yoga was good – P90X and P90X2 Yoga’s were better – but I like Yoga a lot
    I am going to try the strength DVD tomorrow.

  2. I like Bob, I have not tried his workouts because I think his approach is a little too yoga/zen type thing for me. I could be wrong but I like a little aggression in my workouts and although he does OK with the BL groups, I am not sure how his style would match with me… Keep us all posted!

  3. I tried the Bob Harper: Pure Burn Super Strength DVD – 66 minutes, 1 break – you can work pretty hard in this DVD. The weights / arms part is as hard as you want to make it – after a while, I had to drop down in weight sizes, cause my arms were burning.
    Bob does fit into the class of workouts – called no breaks – keep going – get close to exhaustion, but never total exhaustion (although this one was hard) – little more cardio orientated.
    Whereas P90X falls into the ‘go to exhaustion, and then take a break, and then go to exhaustion again – method of building muscle.
    I would be interested in your comments on this DVD – I think that you would like it.
    But like I said, since I am done P90X2, I am just looking for something else to do. Any suggestions would be welcome too!

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