R9D58 – Bootcamp 3.1.2 – Bonus!

Wednesday was bootcamp again, it’s our third round and this was day 2 and I was very happy to have a former athlete of mine and another former gymnast from the club turn up to participate. Attendance of the regulars was down but it was really nice to see that we have a few more bodies participating this time around.

That said, it was not an easy workout for them to have as their introduction to bootcamp. It was weights day and since we had done so much chest and triceps work during bodyweight, I decided to concentrate of shoulders and biceps. It was a pretty gruelling workout since we were working such a small muscle group and I hope it wasn’t too much for them. We will see. At least next class is cardio so they should get a better idea of what it’s like to get their heart rates up!

Here is how it all went down:

D2 – 3.1.2 Weights

Double Curls
Double Press
High pull
Chin ups or turnarounds

Alt curls
Alt press
Front and Back Shrugs
Chin ups or hand turns

Double curls back to wall
DB good mornings
Warrior 3 double curls
wall sit strict press
DB halo

Shoulder raise side
Shoulder raise front
Shoulder raise side to front
Shoulder raise front with row

Double Curls
Alt Curls
Outward curls
Hammer Curls
French Curls

Abs – 25 (free)-15-10 with DB

in and out
full situp
russian twists

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