R9D25 – My Yoga (Rediscovered Beginnings)

I made 2 startling discoveries over the last day or so. First, doing Yoga last night I realized that I was able to go from plank to runners pose without my leg getting stuck under my protruding belly. Since I had previously blamed the lack of ability to transition on my legs, I now look back in amusement at my state of denial:

Due to the overwhelming volume of my thighs (thanks to 18 years of rugby for that) I may never be able to go directly from plank to runners pose. My leg just won’t fit under my body and until I make it down to the 200lb mark I don’t think it ever will.

Turns out I only needed to get to 230lbs for that part to get sorted out. I am not saying my leg makes it all the way to my hands but it’s far enough that I can stand up from the position.

In that discovery I also realized that even though I had claimed in 2009:

I know Tony, and by ‘know’ I mean we spent some time together last year in my basement while I took on the original P90 program.

I hate Tony.

It was in fact back in 2005 when Nicole and I first got into P90. She had bought a copy of Yoga Booty Ballet and I had reluctantly agreed to give P90 a shot after seeing the infomercial on late night TV. In my joy I think I am going to create a page of my entries outlining my original P90 progress. I fear it was not long in it’s duration, we will have to see.

Back to Yoga for a second. I did the workout last night in the true spirit of yoga. It was 9pm, I went down to the basement where it is quiet, I turned off most of the lights leaving just one casting a weak glow across the room and capitulated to Tony’s direction. It was a little surreal, but extremely relaxing and I even found that my flexibility seemed to be improving. Maybe it was the murkiness of my surroundings but the workout took on a completely new feel for which I was extremely grateful. I finished feeling relaxed, refreshed and full of achievement!


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