R9D20 – Death By Bootcamp Cardio

The bootcamp cardio this week was a bear. I often forget that I am going to have to participate and half way through the class this week I was regretting it. Not only that, we went so quickly that I almost ran out of the workout on the sheet! I had modified a couple of moves from the plan and the real workout went like this:

Spin warmup – 10-20-30-40-50 x2

or 500m row x2


Jump rope side to side 30
Ski down 30
Llunge switch 30
Med ball mtn climbers x40

Med ball run around 5+5
Med ball circle 5+5
Med ball toe touch 360 x4
Med ball plank plyo touch x20

Med ball mary katherines x20
Med ball hop over line x2
Med ball hop touch line x2
Plank or elbow jacks x30

Hit the floor x20
Frog jumps x20
Suicide 3 x20
Jab cross x20
Hook uppercut x20
Jab cross hook uppercut x20

Belt kicks x20
Switch kicks with lunge switch 8’s x10
Step back lunge x20
Level 1 drill pushup burpee with running x10

In and outs 20
Weighted Russian twists 20
Boat roll back 10
Weighted Russian twists 20
Plank side reach under with leg raise 10 per side

I think the plank reaches at the end almost killed everyone. Not enough that they were out of gas by the plank jacks but once they made it through the switch kicks and the level 1 drills I think they were just glad to lay down. Not for long though, I don’t think anyone even managed to keep their hips off the ground for the duration of the reaches even without a leg raise added in.

I guess that’s why it’s bootcamp though, it’s meant to be hard, it’s meant to be brutal and not something you are supposed to “get used to”.

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