R8D43 – Bootcamp 8, The Blocks

Bootcamp this week was a good one, but a weird one. On completing the workout I wondered if it was enough, if it was difficult or interesting enough and for the first time during this bootcamp I was a little nervous about it. Turns out though that this was a hit! We used the blocks that the athletes use, they are about 5 feet long, 18 inches wide and maybe 10 inches high. They are good for jump ups, step ups and even for dips although higher boxes would have been better for the dips. I was pretty much putting all my eggs in one basket because if we had seen enough participants we would have run out of boxes! Anyway, it worked out fine and we did the following:

For sets of either 10 or 20:

Section 1:

step up
step switch
jump up
box jacks

10 incline pushup
10 decline pushup
10 uneven pushup – 5 per
10 step up push up or sphinx

Section 2:

jump up and down run back
Clear jump run back
side to side step down jump down
end jump up jack down jack up jump down

10 dips
10 stack foot dips 5 per
10 leg up dips – 5 per
10 alt shoulder touch dip

Section 3:

shoulder bridge hold 30s
10 per alt reach to vertical
10 per alt heel touch
10 per alt leg lift


The shoulder bridge is hard to imagine but it’s kind of like pilates, but difficult… In stabilizing the shoulders off the floor you are able to prevent the participant form using their arms to stabilize themselves and therefore they are forced to use their core.


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