Round 8 Is, Well, Different…

No matter how much I plan, round 8 seems to be getting wiggy all by itself. For some reason I can’t stick to the P90X or insanity plan and randomly throw in days of kettlebell, olympic lifting, various bodyparts and so on. I am not complaining, it’s actually quite a relief to be able to freestyle my workout schedule that way but it doesn’t do much for the rabid record keeper in me. When I mentioned that I was going to shake things up a little, I never anticipated this!
Last night I rested, I didn’t even bother to join in with the girls at gym during the tricep and shoulder workout since I knew today I would have a big workout planned and tomorrow it’s bootcamp again which is proving to be a massive amount of cardio workload. Trying to get back on track is proving difficult to because I am supposed to be in the middle of rest week workouts. Since I kind of rested last week I really need to jump to the next week and get going. This week should look something like this:

Tuesday: 34543 C&P plus 5 TGU plus 123 C&P+Snatch  – This may actually be a good time to do the AOS Providence DVD with 100 pullups
Wednesday: Chest, Shoulders & Tris, Ab Ripper X  – Of course this will be Bootcamp night
Thursday: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs – Day after Bootcamp, last 2 weeks this has been a day off…
Friday:  Off? Cardio day with gym girls?
Saturday:  Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper X
Sunday:  Vertical Plyo

The parents are in from out of town next week and it’s Thanksgiving here in the Great White North so who really knows what direction things are going to go…

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