R8D34-36 – Empty House

My parents who were here for the last 2 weeks leave today which is sad in many ways, yet a relief in one way. I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t stress about my workouts or my diet while they were here and I managed to do just that. In fact, my relaxed attitude enabled me to enjoy their company even more and although it seems illogical, I think I worked out just as much as I normally would have. The visit was a great break from work, I did a couple of 2 day weeks back to back which in itself is just as good as a rest! I am happy to report that the visit was a resounding success! It is a relief though to get back to the comfort of my usual schedule. Here is a brief list of what I did the last few days including the bootcamp class on Wednesday.

D34 – Bootcamp

Week 6 – Weights and Cardio

5 moves repeat 3x with 10’s at least.

military push
double dumbbell jump
double dumbbell agility apart

high pull
alternate press
pushup and db pull
circle run
dumbbell jump back to front

curl and press
in and out shoulders
plank dumbell walk (one line to next fwd/back)
lunge walk

4xpushup burpee
4xpushup run burpee
4xpushup run in and out burpee

abs work for last 15
for 10’s
in and out
arx bicycles
jack and jill 1-5
leg up toe touch (half vsnap)
triple flat bicycle
Full rainbow
jack and jill 5-10

D35 – Abs with gym girls and single run through of above bootcamp (instead of 3x)

D36 – Olympic Lift compound move

Start with loaded barbell
Deadlift to standing
Clean to shoulder
Push press to extend
Lower to back of neck
Back Squat push press to extend
Lower weight to shoulder
Lower to thigh
Lower to ground

I planned on doing the same as I do for RKC, that is to say do 1 rep, do 1 chinup, 2 reps, 2 chinups and so on to 3 then 4 then 5 then 4 then 3.

That gave me a total of 6,10,15,10,6 reps plus pullups for a grand total of 47 reps with 115lbs. It was not tough all over, but it was hard on my back and the next day I was quite sore. However, it is a great compound workout for doing basically everything you need (especially once you add in the pullups to hit the biceps). It is also a good benchmark of my strength and something I can work towards as a whole body conditioning indicator. Maybe I should try and get back to 155 on the bar and try it again, but it’s not something I relish doing.

I think this week it’s time for an Insanity workout, seems like weeks since I saw Shaun T.

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