R7D88 – P90X2 and Cindy (Kicking My Ass)

Its finally here for pre-order, P90X2, the much anticipated sequel 2 years in the making (make that actually 7 years waiting for those who got the P90X bug in 2004). You can check out the new glitzy looking P90X2 page here.

I’m bothered by a couple of things already.

First is the name, could they really not come up with a better name than P90X2? It reeks of laziness.

Second, the packaging makes me nervous that this is going to be just as gimmicky and redundant as Insanity:Asylum turned out to be. I can’t be the only one who thought that I:A was a waste of money, and I am still hoping that although you can get a package containing all the equipment you need, you don’t actually need it at all…

I know they need to make money, but charging $180 for a stability ball ($20 at Walmart), 2 8lb medicine balls ($16 each online), a foam roller ($15 anywhere) and a pair of push up stands ($20)  is excessive to say the least. Those prices are RETAIL for a total of around $70 which BB could sell for $40 and still make money.

I am not about to give up on Tony just yet. I think there is a lot of research and science in the BB products and I am willing to bet without the gimmicks, P90X2 will be just as popular as the original. Keep your bodyparts crossed everyone.

Back to reality. 

Last night, Cindy kicked my ass. I thought I had her for a good 25-30 rounds as I started but by the time I had counted 15 I knew defeat was only a matter of time.

It doesn’t sound like much:

AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes

5 chin ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

but don’t let that fool you. The first time I did this I came up with 13 rounds but quit after only 15 minutes. I don’t think I have ever done a “real” Cindy which is AMRAP but I did try a Chelsea which is 30 rounds in 30 minutes, doing 1 at the start of every minute. That went better, a little, but I only managed to get to 21 rounds in 30 minutes. My final attempt at Chelsea turned up 20 rounds in 20 minutes but there is a significant issue here. If you are required to do one per minute, it seems different than if you are doing them in your own time. Mostly because you have a forced rest after each repetition. I don’t think it is because I am less fit now than I was, even though last time I claim to have done 20 with “air to spare”. Then again, claiming and doing are two separate animals.

Result: 21 rounds in 20 minutes out on the deck in 32 degree weather. Damn you Cindy.

I had planned to do the Insanity Fit Test also, but with my calf injury it wasn’t going to be possible. Not only that, I am not a fan of the Insanity Test really so I am not going to hold myself to it. The bigger problem is that my calf is going to hamper my attempt at a 1k run time and my completion of Game Time and Overtime. Test week may not survive as designed, but it is definitely something I will tag on the end of each round to finish with a bang.


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