Fitness Bucket List – To Do

I’m loving the Fitness Bucket List Idea… I have found several people who have a published bucket list, not stuff they necessarily want to do any time soon, but stuff that in time they would like to accomplish.

I should start working on one, plus a done list to remind me what I can do when I try…

It may look something like this…


Run a 5K
Bench Press 400lbs
Shoulder Press 275lbs
Squat 495lbs
Complete Warrior Dash

To Do:

(Off the top of my head)

220 lbs
Under 15% body fat
Run the scenic drive at red rock canyon (13 miles) – not for me but an interesting item
Fastest 1k run time goal (no idea at this point)
Crossfit Total of 1000lbs (Yeah right… not any more!)
Run 10K –  Not sure why I would want to do this when I could… Beat my Warrior Dash time
Do 10 sets of 10 pullups (harder than it sounds) in 10 minutes
(Zero interest in marathon or half marathon)
Mini triathlon maybe, I do like to swim 😉

I will try to work on this, it’s just a spitball at this point, then I will post in in my pages and link it to the front page. That will make it all official and stuff!

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