R5D40/1 – I hate Chelsea. Not Just The Football Team…

Challenged myself to do the Chelsea workout again since last time I did Cindy I only managed 18 rounds from what I recall, and the last time I did Chelsea I gave up after 20 rounds. Since I only had 30 minutes to work out I assumed I would crash at 20 again and be done. Surprisingly, I didn’t struggle too much, and once I got to 20 rounds I stopped not because I had to but because I wanted to. I probably could have done another 10, my last round only took 35 seconds so my rest periods were still pretty long.

Each minute on the minute for 30 minutes

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Result: 20 rounds in 20 minutes with air to spare…

Day 41 was a forced rest day due to time constraints imposed by very poor weather on the way home. In honour of having a day off I think next time for variety I am going to try to do the Art Of Strength Providence DVD. The layout is like this:

Round 1: 2-handed swing, one arm swing, hand-to-hand swing
Round 2: Cleans
Round 3: Chest presses
Round 4: Squats/sumo deadlifts
Round 5: One leg deadlift
Round 6: Windmills into an overhead squat
Round 7: clean and press
Round 8: Flip and squat
Round 9: Tactical lunges
Round 10: Triple crush
Round 11: Sling shot into a figure 8 with a static hold
Round 12: Seated press
Round 13: One arm row
Round 14: Pullovers, Russian twists, Sicilian crunch
Round 15: 3 minute snatch test

Thanks to fitprosarah.com for the outline.

We shall see how that goes, but I am itching to do something more with the KBs…

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