R7D68-70 – Better Start Planning

I’m getting close to the end of another round of home based fitness and it’s time to start planning the next 3 months. I am a little disappointed that  I didn’t get to do as much kettlebell work as I would have liked, nor as much Crossfit Oly as I would have wanted so those are things I would like to address. I don’t think that P90X2 is going to be coming out in time for round 8, maybe round 9!

I know that I am going to be coaching 3 days instead of 2 come September which may mean one more missed day however I think that 3rd day for the time being may be an actual fitness / boot camp class that I will be giving.

This past weekend I did legs and back which is the first time I have done a leg workout in ages, since at least round 5! My butt was so sore after doing all those lunges, just like the good old days but it was great to revive that workout for a change. I can’t understate the importance of variety in your workouts, even if it means doing something you think you hate (like Kenpo) just to change up what you are doing.

On Saturday I ran/walked a 5k on the treadmill, I was alone with the baby so she went to bed and I went to the basement. I want to do some interactive work with the girls at gym Monday so I didn’t want to do too much this weekend.

I guess it’s time to break out the record of what I have actually managed to do this round and see what improvements I can make.

In respect to my previous post. I didn’t say it was going to be easy, I just know it’s worth it.

2 thoughts on “R7D68-70 – Better Start Planning”

  1. Hey Simon have you tried the One on One series yet?

    So true. I never really thought of making a plan. I’m not trying to lose weight just stay toned. It’s awesome that you make that goal for your self and know it’s all worth it! 😀

  2. I did try a couple of the one on one series, the Yoga that is called Fountain of Youth is pretty good. I hear that lots of the stuff in the 1 on 1 is going to be in P90X MC2 or whatever they are calling it. I am eagerly awaiting that, regardless of how disappointed I was with the Insanity sequel.
    I find I can’t fly blind any more, it’s asking for trouble. Planning makes it all so much easier, I just do what I am told!

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