R7D65 – Change Is Good, Variety Is Good, Ice Cream Is Good (thanks to Vitamix)

I can't help being out here

Last night while working out I felt a little restless as I often do when using P90X. It’s not that the workouts are boring, it’s more that I have a walkout basement onto a large deck which has all the evening sun you could wish for and the lure of the open air is too strong. So since it was Chest, Shoulders and Triceps day I figured I would improvise a little. First I substituted pike presses with some wallball shots. I have an improvised 26lb basketball o’ sand that I use for this and it’s a great sub for any shoulder exercise plus for me since I don’t do much leg specific work I like anything that I can get a little extra quad burn. Instead of the scarecrows I wanted to be adventurous so I did wallball shots without the shot, instead I pressed the ball up with one arm so that I ended up with my arm fully extended switching the ball from hand to hand each time I came up from squat. It doesn’t sound hard, and it’s not that taxing but the balance component takes some skill. Rather than do pour flys I decided to do 5 clean and press, 5 one arm swings and 5 snatches per arm for a total of 15 reps per side. Doing all  3 movements one after the other was an unusual feeling and worked just fine. Last of all, instead of the fly/row/press which I have to admit I actually like doing I took the previous set one step further and did all 15 movements with one arm then repeated again on the other side doing the set twice. It was fun to switch things up a bit and also to improvise what I was doing on the spur of the moment. I think that I need to improve my library of kettlebell skills though, I need some funky moves to throw into my workouts. All in all, the workout was pretty good and I got to hang out on the deck in the sun while working out which just makes me more jealous of people in California and Australia who have weather like that all year round…

I then made my own ice cream. I know, some paleo people say dairy is bad but I really don’t eat any cheese or drink milk alone any more so I threw some Costco frozen fruit and a cup of cream and a tablespoon of honey into the World’s Best Blender and made some delicious ice cream. If you want a blender that will blow your mind and make you ice cream go get a Vitamix from Costco.

I’m also a tumblr now, although I can’t get the wordpress plugin to autopost yet, I am working on it.


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