Forced Rest day

Vitamix. The 911 Turbo of kitchen appliances
Vitamix. The 911 Turbo of kitchen appliances

I feel like I fell in a blender yesterday…

Since I am still coaching, at least for this week, I have no choice but to take today off. Even if I wanted to work out after I get home it would mean starting at 9:30 or so, going until 10:30 and then probably not being able to sleep until midnight. Actually it doesn’t sound so bad when I think about it.

Speaking of thinking, I have a feeling I will change how I feel about this experience on a daily basis. I know when Tony and I are alone and I dream about ripping his legs off one by one I feel a lot different than I do once it is high five time and we pack it in for the day. However I also find that I feel different day to day. I have an undercurrent of feeling that I am simply not doing enough. I guess it is because of the nature of lifting weights and the obvious result that I feel like I am underachieving at the moment. I know that when I go to the gym I have a set amount of sets and reps to do and that once I am done I will have achieved my 70,000lbs or whatever that days requirement is. I also know that I will be predictably tired and equally predictably sore. With P90X so far I don’t have that kind of predictability. Some of the things I can do easily but others I am not so proficient with and as such I don’t get the kind of work I would like from it. I have to assume that as I become more familiar I will be able to get full benefit from knowing how to do the skills and how to measure my effort. For now, I remain uncomfortable in my frustration.

That said, the program seems like a well thought out and well put together system. I know that when I plan the conditioning for myself or for the kids during the fall it is with meticulous attention to getting the right work done in the right way and making sure that one workout recovery doesn’t affect the next workout execution. This is a difficult thing to achieve and one which I believe I have never seen in an at home system. That is why I decided to try this as opposed to any other home based system. I was looking for a change of pace from the weights at the gym but wanted something I could trust to give me the kind of challenge I was looking for. I believe, regardless of my previous statment of frustration, that I have found that program. So far, and I know after 4 of the 90 days I am no expert here, I would highly recommend this to anyone.

The real pain in the ass about today and Thursday is that I have no rec class to teach so I have until 6pm to get to Gymnastics. That would give me enough time to do my workout if I was close to home… or if I had remembered to bring a DVD with me. Maybe I can improvise something…

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