R7D45 – Surprise Workout! Suunto Movescount and Firstbeat Athlete

It’s been hot, I know, I keep saying that but last night was so hot they cancelled training at gymnastics. Probably wise, it was a real scorcher! So I was left to ponder what to do, luckily though I have a plan so I pulled up the schedule and got to work. I was scheduled to do 5×4 clean and press but since I have tended to kind of free form my RKC workouts I ended up doing the following:

10 min warmup pumps and halos and KB Squat
3 rungs C&P with pullups
20 2 hand swings
3 rungs C&P with pullups
20 1 hand swings
3 rungs C&P with pullups
20 snatches with rack pulldown (after snatch, bring KB to rack position then down)
20 snatches with arc pulldown (snatch up and straight arm arc back between legs)

Thanks to Suunto I know this was a decent workout, it rated a 3.5 TE and a whopping 44% of time in my VO2 max training zone. Not only that, it was over 40 with the humidity and I was out on the deck since the last RKC workout I did I dented the basement ceiling a little! It was a good workout, and a refreshing change not to be in the gym with the kids making them suffer the heat. I have got hold of the Firstbeat Athlete software and it is some serious data manipulation. Probably far more than I need, but I am loving the complexity of calculations it can do regarding your workout, intensity, energy burn type and duration of different training zones. When I plugged my watch in this morning, it also automatically logged my workout into Movescount.com for me. Sometimes, and I really mean only sometimes, technology surprises me in a good way!


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