R7D44 – C,S&T and Suunto T6D

Another boiler of a day today, especially given I am indoors but right next to the walkout basement french doors and doing wallball shots out on the deck in the evening sun. I am enjoying this workout I have to admit, like Tony says it’s good old fashioned weight training. The good news is that I managed to scam buy a Suunto T6D from a sucker coworker to replace my old and fading Polar F11 HR monitor. In effect I got the T6D for the price of a T3C which considering the differences is an amazing deal. The great thing about the Suunto watches is that they have so many functions and gather so much data it’s just mind boggling and for a stat monkey like me that’s awesome. It was pretty easy to set up, even without software to assist and I was up and running in no time. Today’s workout was a great way to start, to see if I am indeed working as hard and as smart as I think I am. Once I get more familiar with how it works and what it means I will post more information but for now my workout last night was a 44 minute, 3.0 TE event. All I know is that I was very hot, very tired and scrapped ARX in favour of laying on the floor in a pool of sweat. Apparently the T6D will be able to tell me if I am overtraining or, I suspect, underachieving. Wednesday will be a day off, I think it may be too hot to do proper conditioning at gymnastics too but if not I may just do a quick 15 minutes with them like I did Monday. I’m pretty excited about my new toy, I just hope it doesn’t turn on me and tell me I am in fact just a lazy ass!

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