R7D3/4 – Switcheroo

First sub and we are only 4 days in! I decided to do shoulders and arms last night instead of plyo cardio circuit. I guess I just felt like I needed to get the 2 P90X weight days out of the way and leave the 3 cardio days together. Since I am still coaching Fridays I think I may stick with this, but I will try both ways and see what happens. The problem with it is that I will have 4 days of weight and then 3 days cardio which is a big split. If I had left it the way it was then I would only have had 2 days between weight workouts. That’s probably why I did it!!

However, as you all know I am sure, sometimes life gets into your schedule and has to take precedence. The baby has been sick and the hour I see her between work and coaching is not the time to be working out. So I have been doing some workouts at gym with the kids and will bump up that participation if I have to in order to get some chinups and pushups done. The RKC is easy to fit in, it’s short, you can do it with minimal warmup and still get a great workout so that is my go-to workout for coaching days if I can’t get anything else done.

Shoulders and Arms was pretty good, I find that doing varied range and position of curls irritates my elbow so I am having to sub some things out just like I did last round. The other thing is that the tricep stuff still irritates me so I do free dips and skull crusher push ups to help in getting the kind of tricep burn I want. Other than that, it’s a good workout with decent pace and enough variety to cover all the major areas. With the RKC giving me a lot of shoulder work, this is a good supplement too.

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