R7D5-7 – Week 1 and I feel better already!

It was the cardio part of the week, since I had switched, it was time for Plyometric Cardio Circuit and boy were my calves sore the next day. I have to admit I love the Insanity and P90X combo this time around, I think because I have been doing other things for so long that I have recovered from my Beachbody burnout. Plyometric cardio circuit is tough, I remember from the last time to take the warm up easy as possible for the first round (of 3) and that made a world of difference. I made it through the whole thing, doing everything, which IIRC was not possible the first time I tried. I followed that up with a day of RKC because I had failed at my first couple of days. My RKC workout looks like this:

3×3 ladders
20 one arm swings
20 two arm swings
10 C&P each arm
10 Snatch each arm

Doesn’t sound like a lot and for now it probably isn’t but if you are short on time and looking for a lung buster of a workout, KBs are the way to go.

Enough of the modifications, this week I will strive to do what I am supposed to on the days I am scheduled. I do feel a lot better, but I think I am up a few lbs since BL finished and its time to get back on the slide towards 220! I have to reward myself at 220, it is a huge goal that deserves a reward…

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