R7D24 – ARX Plus Weekend Ahead

Last night I did most of ARX with the girls at gym, they said they wanted to work on abs so I was happy to oblige. Today I need to get something major done regardless of it being rest week because it is starting to look like I won’t be working out much this weekend. I guess rest week is the time to break a little but with Warrior Dash looming and my running in sad shape I am getting nervous. I may actually go and get a pair of KSO Trek this weekend since they have a better sole for trek and trail running, but that will mean cashing in the change from the water bottle at home to scrape together some funds.

3rd day on my feet. My knees ache, my feet hurt, my back is sore but I am getting over it. My sense of humour may not recover. But I am not alone in my standing.


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