R7D23 – The Hills

Standing all day yesterday at my new upright desk made my legs tired. I knew when I got home that I was going to have to go and run somewhere to get my running muscles back into shape before Warrior Dash. So after a quick rest on the couch and once the baby was in bed I ventured out to the large hill just by my house and beat the snot out of myself for half an hour. I haven’t run in a long time and as anyone who knows me can attest I hate running more than anything. Sprints and hills are different though, it’s more of a test of will and courage than the dishonour of jogging. So I blasted up and down this large grassy hill for what seemed like an eternity making sure my heart rate was at least as high as when I do Insanity workouts. I have to admit, as far as “running” goes it was OK, at least it’s something I can see myself doing again. It was a sub for chest and back, but realistically it was actually a rest week workout. I will maybe squeeze some of the original workouts in here too, transforming a rest week into a cardio week. I can count running as a bona fide skill since Crossfit requires some short distance (usually 100-400m) runs as part of certain WODs.

The plan, as it was, looked like this:

3×3 Clean and Press Ladders Plus Dice Roll Snatches
Core Synergistics
3×3 Clean and Press Ladders Plus Dice Roll Snatches
Cardio Recovery
Core Synergistics
Cardio Core and Balance
Yoga X

I think the revised plan will look like:

Monday: Off, coaching
Tuesday: Hills and Sprints
Wednesday: WOD with gymnastics girls
Thursday: Cardio Recovery
Friday: Core Synergistics
Saturday: RKC
Sunday: RKC

I have also FINALLY updated the links on the right to reflect the P90X content page which outlines all the exercises in all the P90X DVDs. There are not really any explanations of the moves, those are found all over the internet but just the names. Check it out!


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