R6 Insanity:Asylum 1.3 – 1.5 – RKC, Back To Core and Vertical Plyo

Back to core is a weird little workout. I did RKC the day before (5 ladders, 34543 on the rungs) and that seemed to fit in well. Day 4 was back to core and I had expected a core workout similar to core synergistics but was surprised by a workout that attempted to work the back and the core. It was a little bit like stretch X meets Yoga X, it really didn’t know where it was coming from and for an extreme workout for the back and core not to use the chin up bar was, well, bizarre.  There were some effective and inventive moves involving bands that no matter how effective they may be only manage to make you feel like a home gym failure who can’t use dumbbells or chin up bars. It was not a difficult workout and I think I would find it a little short on the challenging scale after a few rounds. Vertical Plyo however was a rude awakening. It was like P90X plyo meets Insanity on steroids. The workout was fierce, varied, challenging and interesting. I was toasted by the rope jumps again but all in all this was an enjoyable workout. I have been critical of PlyoX in the past and admit that I was far more fond of Insanity Plyo Cardio and this was a fitting evolution of the concept. There is plenty to challenge even the most determined grasshopper out there and for me, there is much to be achieved.

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