R6 Insanity:Asylum 1.6 – Confused and Tired

Mixing this schedule right off the bat may not be the best idea so I am going to only count the IA days and not the RKC days so I don’t get lost. As it happens I am on day 6 which is a return to Speed and Agility. This was a weird week, I have had family in from out of the country, I had a gymnastics competition to do for 3 days and I have been trying to keep up with the workout. No need to tell you that things have not gone well. For one day I did a hybrid of RKC with some rope practice which was a good 40 minute workout. The next day I was able to do the warmup but a fridge emergency cancelled that workout short leaving me frustrated. So I managed to muddle through the speed and agility in pieces and the next workout will be back to strength. That will have to be tomorrow and hopefully I will be back on track. 2 weeks until the next competition so I have a good window of opportunity here to get to work. I keep meaning to do a walkthrough of the workouts to give an idea of what you are required to do but knowing that this will all be redundant and useless in short order as others with more time will get it done I don’t think I will bother.

My parents being here has been great but it does tend to curb my own enthusiasm for working out, not that I am not committed but when you only get to see your parents  a few weeks a year you tend to make a meal of it! It’s now tuesday and I am going to do strength today and then hopefully tomorrow something before gym. The ‘rents go home tomorrow evening so I hope to be able to squeeze something in if I have time. If not, I am keeping my unnecessarily obsessive beast at bay and not going to worry about it. That is another benefit of the Paleo lifestyle, if I skip a day or two of workouts I don’t end up several pounds heavier and feeling like garbage.


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