R6 Insanity:Asylum 1.2 – Strength (Not My Problem)

Today was a welcome relief after yesterday kicked my ass and waking up this morning feeling like I slept in a garbage compactor. My back was sore all day, I presume that was the bear walking. However, today brought a day of strength, using dumbbells (and in my case kettlebells) and a pull up bar. Strength has never been my issue so strength endurance days are not usually that tough. Today was no different. The workout was enjoyable, went quickly and gave me a chance to repair my tattered self respect after yesterday’s fiasco. Although I could have used heavier weights, the workout allows you to work as hard as you need, not necessarily as hard as you can but still get the benefits you are training for. There is no use of the skip rope so my temper was in check, and the agility ladder was thankfully rested for the day. I am glad there are pull ups too however they are few and far between. It is a fun whole body workout, nothing too specific and still gives you a feeling that you actually did something instead of going through the motions to fill the time while your instructor comes up with another aerobic combo to bore you with. I certainly don’t feel as wiped out as yesterday but I feel that the next workout may be a return to humility for me.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy having kept up with the on screen crowd.

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