R6 Insanity:Asylum 1.9 – VP, RKC and Nursing Week

The end of last week was a good time for working out, the weather is getting better, the sun is shining and I did my two current favourite workouts: RKC and IA Vertical Plyo. In stark contrast to the pain I suffered having to do Back To Core again, the RKC immediately took me back to those days when I was working hard at the Kettlebell Challenge. I chose to do 5 ladders, in a 34543 configuration again using the 45lb KB however once I had done the 3 and 4 I decided I would switch to the 70lb KB and try a whole 3 rung ladder. It was tough, especially since I am not doing KB work every day but I was happy to be able to make it through without dropping the thing on myself! I continued with my 4 and 5 to finish which, after doing the 70 pounder felt like I was using a little pink 15lb KB. I finished off with some single arm and doubel arm swings and called that a day. My body really felt like I had worked out, something that you sometimes don’t get when learning a new workout system. I spend far too much time studying the movements before doing them that the workout does tend to suffer a little.

Next day was Vertical Plyo. I am getting more used to this workout, I have to be careful not to smash my head against the ceiling in the basement where the low duct runs but apart from that I think this workout is what I was expecting from IA. It is fast paced, very mobile and extremely challenging. It is also completely adjustable for your ability, no matter how good or crappy you feel you can adjust each movement to match. You feel agile, fast and challenged during the workout, in essence it gives you the feeling that most people want from doing programs like this, the feeling of doing something athletic. Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to call someone who does this an “athlete” since I don’t think (if we are all honest for a second) that a work out at home program has the ability to make that happen but it is close!

It’s Nurses Week here in Canada and the US and it appears that below the border, the fast food giants are once again peddling to the masses and picking on the weak willed and sleep deprived. For my part, I applaud Nurses and their commitment to their patients and not only that, but their dedication to their profession. Yes, some may come across as a little crazy, or forcefully gregarious but as they whooped and hollered in the cafeteria this morning I was reminded of my early years at University and the crazy strong bonds we forged with each other to face the adversity of what was to come. These wonderful people face this kind of adversity as their profession, day in and day out and for that I think we should thank them. However, I think getting over $100K a year is thanks enough… That said, seeing the wonderful nurse that cared for my wife and child while we were here after the birth made me all soft and nostalgic so for today I will forgo my rant about overpaid nurses being in professions where they don’t belong while their own kin cry out for help and just say thanks, you guys are OK with me.

(II also found that doing a search for nurses on google images comes up with some rather interesting results…)


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