R6 I:A Day 10 – Relief (I Discovered The Truth) It’s Gameday (plus bonking)

Truth is, for me at least Insanity:Asylum is going to turn out to be a filler for other things rather than a program by itself. I am finding that my love of the RKC and associated strength training has a hold on me I can’t avoid and as such I find no value in Back to Core, Relief and so on. It is probably better for me to use I:A workouts in order but with RKC and Olympic lifting as my mainstay. I had hoped that I:A was going to be a standalone program much like P90X was but I have to admit as a full blown schedule I am a little disappointed. I am not, however, disappointed in the workouts that I like, both strength and Vertical Plyo have earned a place in my schedule for now along with speed and agility (especially since my rope jumping is improving). I am hoping Game Day will prove to be the same way and if it does, then I at least have 4 valuable cardio workouts that are complex multiple muscle group movements, work my whole body in a way that is functional and challenging and are fun to complete.

So I took on Game Day with the same vigor that I have attacked everything else so far, only to find that was a mistake. My tips would be to make sure you have eaten 2 hours before and have fluids on hand. Not only that, but try to take it a little easy the first few rounds because if you don’t you may find that like me you bonk around the 50 minute mark. It was a substantial bonk too… It’s too bad because I was really starting to enjoy the workout. It is a little manic on the different sport aspect but I found it challenging and interesting which always makes the time fly.

I had done some extra warmups doing my jump rope practice and maybe that was my downfall. Whatever it was, when we got off the floor after swimming (yes, I didn’t mis-spell that, we were swimming) I suddenly cooled off. It was a bizarre feeling too, it’s like my body suddenly said “that’s enough for today” and pushed me into relax and cool down mode. Maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten for about 5 hours too but in all honesty, that shouldn’t have mattered. I think next time I do it I will find out if it was just me, the bonk or the workout.

All things considered though, the workout was good. I think after a few rounds I may get tired of the seemingly random and bizarre choices of sports but that said, any time you do something that seems too “busy” it usually means you won’t get sick of it for a while. Colour me hopeful. I was a little disappointed in myself for not finishing but then again since it was supposed to be Relief day anyway I won’t complain. I think today due to short time constraints that I will do relief, go to coaching and then tomorrow pick up with Strength since I have vetoed Back To Core.

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