Be A Cheater! (But Learn To Earn It)

Cheating on your diet can be good for you. We all acknowledge that we “cheat” on our diet the only problem is that for most people, their diet isn’t clean enough to warrant cheating. However, if you are eating clean, Paleo or whole foods then you deserve a break – even if you think you don’t. Cheating is important because it reinforces our choices and prevents gradual slippage. If you have been really good for the week and you cheat with a cinnamon bun it means that you are less likely to bend the rules again until the next time. Don’t be regimented about your cheating either, set a low threshold and once you make it past, allow yourself to feel when your best time to cheat will be.

Want to know more? Here are 2 guides for “Eating Dirty”, eerily named Part 1 and Part 2.

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