Soy? No Thanks, It’s Not Healthy (and other interesting facts)

Soy, Like Wheat. Bad!
Soy, Like Wheat. Bad!

Junk food makes you stupid…

I’m not a soy fan, never have been and since going Paleo I don’t really worry about it. For the same reason that I stay away from tomato and peppers (nightshades) due to the gaseous effect they have on my digestion, I find that soy is as bad or worse. Not only that, it’s massively GMO and is as guilty as wheat and corn for promoting the agricultural rape of our meat raising pastures. But don’t take my word for it, read all about why soy is bad. As long ago as 2004 soy was thought to have ill effects for men due to the estrogen factor, the same reason men should stay away from whole wheat by the way. However, those crazy vegans have pointed out that a little soy isn’t bad for you at all, but it all seems to point to the fact that if you want to clean up your diet, stay away from soy, it will mess you up. And by mess you up I mean you will grow man boobs and go insane. So if you are looking for Biggest Loser type transformations, be careful what you put in your mouth and if you can’t gather it and eat it raw or kill it and BBQ it, leave it be.

Snow season is well and truly here, but the New York Times seems to think that if you are over 50 and male, you should be by the fire with your slippers on waiting to die instead of out there shovelling the driveway. I say, stay active, maybe you won’t have to give up living when you reach 50!

By the way, don’t let your kids eat the food at school, you are asking for trouble. Seriously, don’t you care about your children? When I was a kid, school dinners as we called them was typically meat, or meat pie, 2 veg and no dessert. I think occasionally we got a piece of white bread too but there was never french fries, most things were boiled and dessert was something you got at home IF you had done your homework before dinner. Of course that was back in England in the 80’s when childhood obesity was a thing of the future, we went out at night and rode around the neighbourhood on our bikes for a few hours instead of playing video games and we hung out outside most of the time getting fresh air and hanging out with our friends IRL!

At least NYT has good things to say about salad dressing.

For those of you who think I am picking on the NYT today, well, it’s either that or stories about drunk English Teens stamping on other drunk women and blinding them with stilletos at bars or how Canadians are using religion to try and legalize their pot habit. Or you can read about YET ANOTHER healthy runner dying at the finish line of a marathon. When are people going to learn?

The English have discovered that junk food makes you stupid. Go figure!

It’s a crazy world out there, but eating soy is even crazier!

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