Round 3 – Day 39-41. My Butt Hurts

I am getting wary of injuries at this point. My knees feel sore which is a first for me, I had a twinge of shin splints last night and I find that my calves are so sore during warmup that I am having to stop. However I think that the culprit may be a lack of warmup time before starting. The problem is that I get home from work after sitting in traffic for up to an hour and go straight into Insanity. What I really should do is go for a 5 minute walk first to get my legs warm before doing anything. I am confident that would cure most of my issues.

I failed to complete the program last night. For the first time in 41 days I quit. I was doing the Max Interval Circuit workout and after the second section before the third and final section I was simply too tired to go on. So tired in fact that as I lay there on the floor recovering from the second run through I actually fell asleep. I think maybe I have been pushing too hard, not necessarily during my workouts but in general. Losing sleep, taking care of the baby, working a full time job and working out 7 days a week may be catching up with me. My butt is sore so my legs are sore and that usually makes me a very tired and grumpy boy.

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