Round 3 – Day 27 – Day 38. Insanity Plyo Cardio and Max starts

I have to admit it really bothers me that they shipped this DVD without realizing that part of the warmup is missing. If you have done this you will know what I mean, but admittedly it took me a while to notice. The part of the stretch where you stand on one leg, hands on the floor and pulse your other knee to your chest and then up to the ceiling is only done on one side. Nitpicking I know but still, come on, get some quality assurance.

Since I started this entry I have done another 11 days putting me at the 38 day mark. This is significant in the fact that I am not only into part 2 of the P90X program but I am also now into the break-in phase of the Max workouts for Insanity.

So far I have done the Max Cardio and Max Interval Plyo both of which I thoroughly enjoyed and found to be more beneficial than the shorter regular workouts. The reason behind this is pretty simple. I am unable to do the full compliment of moves or time during the regular workout so often I find that after 20 minutes I am simply not tired enough. The extra time of the Max workout means that even if I can’t do every move for the full time, the volume of workout is getting to a more fulfilling level for me.

Hmm… re-reading that it seems that the phrase “not tired enough” is misleading. The purpose of insanity is to push you very hard for a short time to max out your intensity. Unfortunately if you are unable to match the intensity all the time, as your fitness increases you find that although you are exhausted and your heart rate is through the roof, a few minutes later you feel fine and are ready for more. That is where I find myself now and that is why I am enjoying the Max sessions. It gives me an extra amount of time to get that extra work that I missed skipping out a few seconds ahead of the end of the timer. I suppose if I were to do the whole workout as directed that the regular workouts would be fine but at this point in my life my limitations tend to dictate what I do rather than my ego.

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