Round 2, Day 33-35. Planning your work, working your plan.

Most people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.

I am disappointed in myself. Well, maybe disappointed is the wrong word. Frustrated maybe.

So far the workouts have been fine, I am working hard and although I constantly feel like I am not pushing hard enough that is not the problem. The problem is discipline with my eating habits. So far this round my weight loss has been disappointing and while I know that for most people weight loss isn’t the goal with P90X, for me it is the major aim. I don’t have a reason, and I assume that I am just like so many others out there who really don’t have a good excuse why they are still snacking at night, still buying crap at the coffee shop and waking up feeling like crap every day because they just can’t seem to stop the insanity.

Sadly, I don’t have a solution. Well, maybe I do. There are people who will say that your motivation isn’t enough. You don’t have a big enough “why” to drive you on and in some respects that is true. However, there are people out there with massive motivation, huge goals and reasons for being healthy who still can’t get the job done. The question is why? I believe it is simple, you just haven’t committed to the goal you need to set. Motivation is one thing, having a reason to do something is separate from having a goal and I think that is where I have stumbled a little. Having a reason to succeed is like being back in high school and having a crush on the head cheerleader. It’s great to think about, it makes you feel good but in reality unless there is a plan to go along with the goal that matches the reason you are just some creepy guy who stares too much. What you need is a goal, something concrete that your mind can work on while you sleep, something you can plan for and build action items towards. Without a plan and waypoint goals (with rewards, by the way) your vision is just a pipe dream.

Here is what you need to do. Get a pen and write this stuff down and stop wasting your time.

1. Write down your reason. This should be easy. Mine is to get down to a healthy weight (bodyfat level) before the baby arrives some time in June. You can have more than one reason, come up with two or three. If you can’t think of reasons to be healthy then think of reasons why you don’t want to be dead of an aneurysm or heart failure by Christmas, that usually works.

2. Write down your action plan. Make it basic. For example you should plan to work out at least 5 or 6 days a week and adhere to whatever nutritional guidelines you set for yourself. Some people want to avoid starches and sugars, some want to go vegan. It’s up to you what you do, just pick one and make it part of your plan. This is still pretty simple since it is a large framework that you should have little problem staying within. If you are having difficulty sticking to the 6 days a week thing, don’t sweat it. You are lazy. Just resolve to not be lazy 6 days and be as lazy as you want the other day.

Your plan should also include what method you want to use to get to your end result. You may decide that you are going to do P90X or Insanity or just to go the gym but decide what your vehicle will be. Also, plan ahead for what you will do afterwards. 60 or 90 days is a long time, and to be honest most people won’t make it but the ones who do are often struck down at the finish line by a lack of planning of “what’s next”. (That was me, by the way). The plan can get pretty detailed but if you are using a program like P90X then it becomes very simple.

3. Most people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. Make a list of your goals and rewards. This is where you start to get concrete. This is the detail that goes into your framework with dates and goals attached. These don’t need to be daily goals, they can span the year if you wish, just make sure that they are measurable and attainable

Workout 6 days a week for 4 months (96 days total) June 1 2010 Vibram 5 finger shoes Another 4 months
Weight to 250lbs May 1 2010 Patriot Media box for TV 240lbs
Waist to 36″ May 15 2010 New Jeans and Khakis Waist to 34″

If you structure your goals along with your plan then you have it all in place, you just need to execute the plan. If you find yourself slacking or not executing, then start paying more attention. Write down your progress daily like so many of the online blogging community does. State your goals to people around you or post them in your cubicle or on your fridge. You will find no lack of commitment and drive when you take time to think about your goals. The problem is keeping them at the front  of your mind with so many other things going on. If you have a goal such as a certain waist measurement or a certain number of chin ups then write down your progress on a chart where you can see the improvements.

This is what I need to do because my problem is that my reason is overshadowing my plan and my goals. I spend lots of time thinking about what will happen when the baby gets here and not enough time thinking about what I need to achieve before it happens.

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