G-Day 2 – Come back Tony, all is forgiven

Day 1 of G90X was great. No, wait, it sucked. Well, at the time it was great, now, 2 days later and I am facing Plyo while unable to walk properly I can tell you it was awful. I thought for sure I wouldn’t get sore, after all I had been doing pushups and pullups, what would a little weights be after that?

Well, as you can see below I didn’t use heavy weights, in fact I should have used the pink Olympic bar my bench was so light. In any case, I subbed what I could and did chin ups on the chest fly machine… An enormous double stack of weights with rowing machines and lat machines attached. The cool thing is that it faces the mirror wall and unlike my basement all the mirrors line up properly so you don’t look like a Salvador Dali painting as you are sweating your nuts off.

It was odd being back in the gym especially since I was there NOT doing my gym workout. Instead I had a list to get through. That list is here:

Day 1 Chest and Back


Set 1

Set 2

Flat bench 25 @ 135 20 @ 135
Wide Front Pull Ups



Narrow Grip Bench 25 @ 135 10 @ 135
Reverse Grip Chin Ups



Wide Fly Press 20 @ 25 15 @ 25
Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups



Incline Bench (OR INCLINE DB PRESS) 20 @ 40 12 @ 40
Heavy Pants or Seated Cable Row 15 @ 150 12 @ 150
Diamond Push Ups / CABLE FLYS 20 @ 50 20 @ 50
Lawnmower 20 @ 30 20 @ 30
Dive Bomber Push Ups



Back Flys with machine 10 @ 110 10 @ 110
2 days later and I am in critical condition I am so sore.

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