Day 84 – Stuck in a time warp

Day 1 of rest week 5. Supposed to be Yoga, may Plyo instead.

The thing about this coaching lark is that it has thrown my workout schedule so far out of whack I can’t keep my days straight. Thankfully I am only 7 days away from completing the program and getting my P90X stripes. That means that the next few days, or couple of weeks more likely are going to be easy to document. I am moving into day 84, day 1 of rest week 4. Today, although the number doesn’t jive, I did Yoga but since I was pulling a double having done 4 miles on the treadmill in the morning I took it easy. I knew that the coming week had two yoga sessions attached to it so I didn’t feel that guilty skipping some of the more demanding poses in order to save my aching legs. It still took over an hour, so I wasn’t dogging it that badly. Last week I also looked at the website and noticed that they are offering a P90X+ program of 5 DVDs containing some new workouts and different looking moves. One thing I can say for the BeachBody team, they have good marketing because I was hooked instantly. The only question is, do I get right into it now or do what I planned and get into the gym for some workouts for a month or two?

I think it would be good for me both from a physical workout perspective and also from a training/coaching perspective to get myself back to the gym and do some new workouts. I can set a weight goal for the next 3 months and then maybe get P90X+ for Christmas and start in the new year.

I found some more P90X blogs today and this little nugget… Too freaking funny.

On another note: Tony ought to spend less time sexually harassing Dreya Weber, the blonde fitness model/trainer in the video. I haven’t watched many workout videos before, but I’m pretty sure it’s not typical for the lead male trainer to give a sweaty hug to one of his female models after the workout is over. Or to watch her take off a sweatshirt and remark: “Uh-oh! The top is coming off!”

Tony offers a “Tip of the Day” in each of his videos, so in the spirit of P90X, here’s mine: If your name is Dreya Weber, you should consider contacting Beachbody’s Human Resources department.

So I ended up doing Kenpo instead of Yoga today. I realize that I will have to do Yoga on Wednesday between coaching nights which works out OK I guess. I added some weight to my Kenpo today, just 5lbs during some of the punching and blocking moves. It made a huge difference in the effort level and I have to agree with one other site I read yesterday in the way that although I do enjoy the Kenpo, it is probably the weakest of the workouts with the least amount of “X”-ness.

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