Day 32 – Not this again!

Kenpo – Oops, I mean Yoga.


Seriously, I am exhausted, like kitten on catnip withdrawal tired. Everything hurts again, I can’t even start to imagine how I am going to get through tonight never mind the rest of the next 2 weeks. Every time I move something screams with pain and it’s not that I am sitting on the cat, I checked.

So today I got home from work thinking that it was my favourite Kenpo workout only to find out, to my horror, that in fact today is Yoga X! Suddenly my workout time went from 65 minutes to 95 minutes. It’s not that I hate Yoga, it’s just that if you are psychologically prepared for one thing it is hard to get turned around to do something else. In actual fact, the workout went well, I am resigned to the fact that there are some things I just cannot do at this point, and given the size of my arms and shoulders, may never be able to do. But I am enjoying the process now much more than I was in the past. It is weird even when you are not consciously thinking of pushing yourself harder, each time you repeat a workout you find some small way to make things more challenging. Today I did pushups during each Vinyasa, an optional component! As for the tired thing, once I got home and had a small snack I felt better. In fact, it was more than likely the act of getting out of my chair at work and walking around that made me feel better, but that is the nature of my job.

I often refer to my “size” or muscularity as a barrier to my workouts which is rich in irony however no less frustrating. I will attempt to show you what I mean.

sept 27 08 back of neck

That, believe it or not, is the back of my neck. That is what stops me from being able to do such things as the overhead tricep stretch. Every time I try that stretch I strangle myself as my arm pushes all that muscle mass into my neck – where the air goes!

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