Thursday Cardio. Join In Everybody!

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July 16 2015 – Cardio Because life will chase you down and eat you… 2x section 20 squat jumps 20 belt kicks 20 swing kicks 20 vsnaps 2x section 20 Hit The Floor 10 2 line Suicides 20 switch kicks 20 double switch sit up 2x section 5x long jump run back – single double […]

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10.30 – Bootcamp Bodyweight And Reflecting On Cardio

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The one question I get most often, or the comment I hear most often from people trying to lose weight is how much cardio should I do? Either that or I get people who rely on 15-45 minutes on the treadmill or worse, the elliptical to get the job done and wonder why they are […]

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10.24/25 – Rest and Bootcamp Cardio (That’s Not Too Complicated, Is It?)

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Last night was warm again, I suppose its a little redundant since summer in Toronto has seen weeks over 30 degrees in the past. It was 34 in the shade yesterday, that’s about 93 degrees for those from the 70s. It was cardio, and although we have been avoiding doing real cardio classes due to […]

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R9D55 – Bootcamp 2.12.2 Cardio. Last Day Of Session 2!

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Sadly today was the last day of session two and we are losing at least one participant for the next 12 weeks. Having said that, we are hopefully going to gain a few more for the summer session that will start sometime mid June. D24 – 2.12.2 Cardio 2x section 20 squat jumps 20 belt […]

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R9D50 – Bootcamp 2.11.1 Maybe I’m Imagining Things (3 things)

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So part way during the bootcamp class I became aware that I was struggling a little more than I think I should be. In my exhausted state I figured it was because of my lax approach the last few weeks (I only managed 3 workouts last week) and that my conditioning was starting to suffer. […]

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R9D39/40 – X2 Shoulders + Arms Plus Bootcamp 2.8.1 (Cardio)

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This was my second time doing the shoulders and arms workout and I have to admit I am disappointed that the arms workout doesn’t include any dips. For myself, I find dips to be second only to close grip bench for building massive tricep strength. The fixation that Tony has with tricep extensions is annoying […]

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R9D27 – Bootcamp 2.5.1 Cardio

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<— That’s how a cardio workout should end, not stepping off the treadmill with your magazine and your bottle of water with a slight glow to your face… Today’s bootcamp was gruelling. Sometimes I think of things that sound like fun without really realizing just how difficlut it is goin got be especially when combined […]

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Bootcamp 2 W2D1&2 – Cardio & Bodyweight Upper

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I’ve been so wrapped up in the P90X2 reviews that I neglected to list the workout from Monday’s bootcamp. It’s now Wednesday night and we just completed Bodyweight Upper day so I will add that here too. Week 2 Day 1 – Cardio Wide leg squat to toes Weighted Mary Katherines 2 foot slalom jump […]

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You Need To Know This – Health and Fitness 101, The Basics

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I guess I should expect it given where I came from… I get asked with great regularity about my exercise, diet and motivation. I consider it a privilege to share my knowledge and in that spirit I have put together a basic list of the things that have influenced how I think. Some are my […]

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Cardio and Kettlebells. Don’t Suffer On The Treadmill.

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Pavel Tsatsouline calls kettlebell workouts “cardio without the dishonour of aerobics”. I would extend that to the dishonour of running on a treadmill or even worse, the pathetic excuse for a machine that is the elliptical. My favourite quote of his is still: “If you don’t have good judgement, why don’t you stay on the machines you big sissy?” […]

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