R9D55 – Bootcamp 2.12.2 Cardio. Last Day Of Session 2!

Sadly today was the last day of session two and we are losing at least one participant for the next 12 weeks. Having said that, we are hopefully going to gain a few more for the summer session that will start sometime mid June.

D24 – 2.12.2 Cardio

2x section
20 squat jumps
20 belt kicks
20 swing kicks
20 vsnaps

2x section
20 Hit The Floor
10 2 line Suicides
20 switch kicks
20 double switch sit up

2x section
5x long jump run back – single double triple repeat
10 river jumps
10 2 line suicides with burpee
10 ski abs

2x section
20 squat half turn
10 switch split 180 3+1
20 jack MK switch 1+1
50 happy knees to elbow

2x section
10 depth charge from knees SJ TJ
10 side to side suicide shufle
10 side to side suicide front and back
4 side knees up full line
10 roll and hold

20 jacks
10 airborne X
5 Diamond Jacks

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