Bootcamp 2 W2D1&2 – Cardio & Bodyweight Upper

I’ve been so wrapped up in the P90X2 reviews that I neglected to list the workout from Monday’s bootcamp. It’s now Wednesday night and we just completed Bodyweight Upper day so I will add that here too.

Week 2 Day 1 – Cardio

Wide leg squat to toes
Weighted Mary Katherines
2 foot slalom jump – 4 lengths
Long jump/straight jump – 2 lines

Air squats
Weighted Walking Lunge
Super Skater Kicks
Step up, jump down + Straight jumps over box

Burpee tuck jump
Hopping slalom 2 lines
1 leg squat with knee lift
jump 1/2 turns

Weighted shelf stack with abductor lift
Toe tap 360
Flying kick with back kick / scissor leap with needle
8 knees, 4 pushups, 2 plyo pushups, tuck jump

Bonus Round (x2)

20 jump ropes
10 block jumps
10 up and over the block
10 clear jumps

Week 2 Day 2 – Bodyweight Upper

Holding Stability Ball warmup

5 – 10 reps as needed

Plank to Sphinx
Pushup Balance

plank knee to elbow
plank knee to both elbows
plank x crunch – superman to elbow/knee touch

Stability pushup bounce
Stability pushup clap
Stability plank to elbow no step
Stability elbow balance Stability shoulder support leg raise
Stability shoulder support bicycles
Stability ab roll in
Stability leg hold leg raise
Stability ball passover

Medicine ball twists 4 in 4 out
Medicine ball around the world
Medicine ball leg lift
Medicine ball pushup switch
Medicine ball single military
Medicine ball single leg pushup
Medicine ball pushup balance
Medicine ball plank to floor plank to sphinx


Stability elbow roller crabs
Stability pullups?
The impossible possible – feet on Stability hands on Medicine pushup

This was a tough workout, it’s hard to get across the value of balance work when the participants are so used to working hard on moves that increase the heart rate. I think this workout was very valuable, we will have to see if they agree long term.

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